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Hello I am Cheryl Matheny the owner of Back to Basics Embroidery™ I started this business in 2003 with 2 single head embroidery machines and worked many long hours with those 2 machines. The company has grown from those 2 machines to multiple 6 head Tajima Embroidery machines, here are a few of the jobs I have done(some of our Jobs)

2009 came and as we all know to well the economy was crashing down around all of us and daily businesses where closing. I was very blessed as I was able to grow the buisiness during this time as others had to close their doors. A lot of this sucsess is due to our customer service and quick turn around on jobs. If and when you have a question you can reach myself or my husband Craig (he helps with the phones from time to time).

My goal is to build relationships with eveyone I work with even if it is a one time job for a simple name. That little job is as important to me as it is to you and you will be treated with the same respect as my largest brokers that hire us do 100’s of jobs each year.

So I look forward to working for you and with you.

Thank you,

Cheryl Matheny