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Welcome to Back to Basics Embroidery™, your one-stop-shop for custom embroidery. We are more than happy to help with your personalized embroidery needs. Just reach out to us our contact us form.

Back to Basics Embroidery Machine

Cheryl Matheny, owner of Back to Basics Embroidery, started in 2003 with 2 single head embroidery machines and many long hours. Over the past years, the company has grown from those small machines to one single head Tajima embroidery machine and two 6 head Tajima embroidery machines and multiple commercial accounts. Take a look at a few of the jobs we have done

Back to Basics Embroidery Cheryl Owner

When the economy crashed in 2009, many businesses closed their doors. With God’s grace and faithfulness, our good customer service, quick turnaround times, and a little bit of luck, Cheryl was able to grow the business during this time when others had to close their doors.

Back to Basics Embroidery Family

Life has changed much in the past decade, however, and Cheryl’s family has grown. In order to spend more time with her grandchildren, Cheryl’s focus has shifted from the large companies to the personal and individual clients like yourself. Our goal is to build a relationship with everyone we work with – even if it is a one time job. Your custom job is as important to us as it is to you and you will be treated with the same respect as the largest brokers that hire us do 100’s of jobs each year.

Back to Basics Embroidery Christmas

So pick up the phone or send an email before you need that next gift, because nothing says, “You’re special” like a custom embroidered item. We look forward to working for you and with you.

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Thank you,
Cheryl Matheny